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I would like for Two End Knitting to live on. That’s why I have made this instruction DVD.


Welcome to my knitting corner

The knitting lessons during craft class in the 50’s certainly didn´t wake my creativity, and I was certain that knitting would be the last thing I would fall for.

As a mother with small children the knitting was a great joy and benefit to me. Soon I discovered how much more fun it was not to follow the pattern. Then Hönsestrikk awoke pleasure and joy;

- You didn´t need to follow any patterns, just create and have fun.


When I moved from Stockholm to Mora at the end of the 70’s, I had never heard of two end knitting or twined knitting. But the museum of Dalarna awoke my curiosity and Elsie Jönsson from Sollerön taught me the technique and showed me lots of mittens, both old and new. Thank you, Elsie!

After a few years, I learned more and was inspired by Anne-Maj Ling, who had invented so much new and beautiful in that old technique.


Now I would like for two end knitting to live on and therefore I have produced this instruction-DVD together with Erik Appelqvist.


Welcome to my knitting corner

I will not even try to explain

the difference between art

and handicraft. On the other hand my relatives often hear me speak of the happiness 

of letting my hands produce things that are sprung from my own imagination, but that stem from a traditional technique.

of the DVD HERE!

For your convenience I sell the DVD

through my eBay store.


I find it easier to learn if I can watch skilled hands performing a technique. That’s why I have chosen to try to teach you the basics of Twined knitting, or Two End Knitting, this way.

In this film you can watch and learn.

( See a clip from the DVD here.)

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Denna uppdaterade jag till knitting, bara knitting.